Sunday, 18 November 2012

Conspiracy Theories

There are many conspiracies out there but some top others for the claims from the killing of JFK to the events of 9/11, even the out of this world stuff like the planet Nibiru and Illuminati Lizard people.

Here are just a few from videos I have found online. Some theories make sense, others are a little hard to imagine but I suppose any theory is possible.

Chemtrails & Nuclear Blue Holes 

Sounds crazy ? Well not if you consider that each nuclear bomb can vaporise tons of the Earths mantle leaving voids beneath the seas where they were tested.

Check for yourself and then think about what this could cause, the ultimate leek of sea into these voids could be a plan by governments to bring the sea levels down once the ice caps fully melt. They are at the moment trying to create an artificial ozone layer by spraying Chem Trails around the globe.

Polar Shift Theory

Are we being lied to about Polar Shift, is it happening and is that the reason for climate change not the Ozone layer hole. This video explains what Polar Shift is.

When Polar shift occurs who knows what will happen to the people on this planet, whole ways of life will change that's for sure. Some people will benefit and live in warmer climates, others will be plunged into arctic winters as the new poles form.

Flat Earth

Some people say that we live on a flat earth and
that the worlds goverments tell us different. The theory is that we all live on a flat earth with a much smaller sun which is only a few thousand miles away from the Earth.

Planet 9 Or Nibiru ?

It used to be just a theory but now the scientists are saying that Planet 9 formally known as Planet X is now a strong possibility due to tidal forces that they cannot explain in our solar system. The conspiracy of silence over Nibiru maybe is going to be slowly revealed. For years this planet was a cover up but maybe to prevent fear and further conspiracy.

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